Best Vape Juice 2016

Halo company has 6 most popular e-liquid categories which come in the pretty looking 30ml glass bottles. In most cases, Halo makes flavors with menthol, tobacco, fruit and for gourmet. These liquids are made of the highest quality ingredients which are mixed in the USA.

Halo liquids have 7ml bottles for testing and usual 30ml bottles with a pipette. Furthermore, Halo gives you a chance to choose  from a broad range of nicotine levels (strongest – 24mg, 18mg, medium-12mg, light – 6mg, and no nicotine).

In this article, we will review best selling Halo liquids: Tribeca, Sub Zero, Malibu, Belgian chocolate, Midnight apple, Kringles’s Curse and Torque 56.

The most famous Halo e-liquid is Tribeca(tobacco) because it is sweet and the main components are vanilla mixed with caramel, plus easy tobacco flavor which creates an amazing high-quality liquid taste.

Next goes Kringle‘s Curse which comes from the gourmet category. Actually, it is an exceptional Halo flavor with peppermint which gives you a frosty and strong hit throat sense and additional huge clouds of vapor.

Sub Zero –  menthol category. According to Halo and Mint fans, this flavor is the most extreme menthol flavor in their Menthol category, it gives you 3 times more frosty sense in your mouth and excellent vapor clouds.

Malibu – gourmands category. You can feel sweet Pina colada with coconuts in this soft menthol flavor. It doesn‘t have the hard throat hit just a soft stroke.

Midnight Apple – it is a mix of tobacco blend with sweet „Granny Smith” apple tone. So you get tobacco flavor and light sweet apple savor vapor. This liquid is from the tobacco category.

Belgian cocoa is for the gourmet category. This liquid comes with half- sweet flavor within sear cocoa ground which is mixed with wealthy chocolate taste.

Finally, Torque 56 is tobacco category liquid. According to Halo, it has a massive only tobacco taste, with a hard throat hit. So if you are a tobacco fan, then Torque 56 is just what you need.

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